S3 Design and Manufacture

Rothesay School

Subject:  Design and Manufacture


Course Outline:

The Experiences and Outcomes in Design and Manufacture will provide pupils with the opportunity to gain skills in both designing and communicating design proposals. It will allow learners to explore the properties and uses of materials. The course combines elements of creativity and designing for aesthetic or visual impact with a requirement to consider a product’s function and performance. Pupils will consider the life cycle of a product from its inception through design, manufacture, use and disposal.



Course Structure:

The structure of the course will in Design and Manufacture will allow pupils to develop their design skills as well as skills in making prototypes and products.  Learners will also acquire knowledge and understanding of materials and manufacturing processes. Pupils will draw on a range of design skills, knowledge and practical skills, in order to produce an effective response to a project brief. The response will include a prototype or completed product.