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Geography is a unique subject that brings together the Physical and Human Environment. We look at up to date Global Issues and develop skills in numeracy, literacy and map interpretation. Geographers are highly employable as they possess a number of skills that stand them in good stead in the world of work. We enjoy the opportunity to get out and about to complete fieldwork.

S1 Geography

Mapping and Atlas Skills

Weather and Climate

S2 Geography

Threatened Planet (Environmental Issues)

When Two World’s collide (Earth Forces and Development)

S3 Geography

Pupils who have selected Geography and will spend a year studying the following-

From the Mountains to the Sea (Rivers and their Valleys)

Watching the dear Green Place Grow (Settlement)

Made in China (Population)

From Field to Fork (Farming around the World)

Rothesay to Rome (Climate and Tourism)

Changing Coasts

National Geography

In National Geography pupils learn:

Human Environments:

  • Development and Population
  • Urban (Glasgow and Mumbai)
  • Rural (UK and India)

Global Issues:

  • Tourism
  • Health

Physical Environments:

  • Weather
  • Rivers and Limestone

Higher Geography

In Higher Geography pupils learn:

Human Environments:

  • Population
  • Rural (Sahel zone)
  • Urban (Glasgow and Mumbai)

Global Issues:

  • Development and Health
  • Global Climate Change

Physical Environments:

  • Atmosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Lithosphere (Glaciation and Coasts)
  • Biosphere


Advanced Higher

In Advanced Higher Geography pupils learn:

  • Geographical Methods and Techniques
  • Work on producing a Geographical Study
  • Focus on Geographical Issues.

Please speak to Mr Lowe if you need any more information about geography courses.