Rothesay School

Welcome to History



History provides students with an insight into their own lives and the society in which they live. By examining the past, they will be able to discover their heritage as members of a community, a country and a wider world. A balanced understanding of Scottish, British, European and World History will develop a sense of responsible citizenship and an understanding of the world today. Pupils will be encouraged to develop their understanding of lasting legacies and their past and potential impact. They will work with a variety of primary and secondary material in various mediums and be introduced to thought-provoking ideas and events.


 By undertaking our courses, learners will develop a wide range of important and transferable skills, including researching, understanding and using a range of straightforward information/evidence on historical issues; communicating, by a variety of means, balanced conclusions based on evidence; evaluating a range of straightforward sources of information; and structuring information about important historical themes and events.


Some of our current topics include:


  • Early Life and Early People
  • The Wars of Independence
  • The Great War
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Free at Last